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Dismissal – Change as an Opportunity for Reorientation


In times of changes, globalisation and digitalisation reorganizations are not rare. It is not always personal negligence which is the cause for a dismissal that remains a dramatic experience. You can read more about this issue and learn what to do in such a situation.

The first shock

Ones first reaction after a dismissal is usually emotional. At this point it is important to stay calm and not to act rashly. You should not agree to any arrangements without having had time to think about them. Demand some time for consideration.

The remaining time

The time from the announcement of your dismissal to your last day at work often is not very pleasant. Nevertheless you should try to fulfil your tasks conscientiously right to the end. By doing this you prevent possible criticism and additional troubles. Keep in mind that you might need your current employer as reference in future. Consider the fact that not only you are affected by such a change but also your colleagues for whom it might be also a difficult situation.

Draw conclusions from your experience: Reoriantation

Because of the dismissal your self-confidence will probably have suffered. But this does not smaller your strengths or your competences. It rather gives you the opportunity to change your life and your career. Accept this challenge actively and try and turn it into a pathway to success. When searching for employment you should work in a goal-orientated way. Start by analysing your current situation. Make use of this starting point for your further career planning and by defining your aims. This will help you filter-out the matching vacancies and to collect useful information about your change of job.


This situation is different from the one mentioned above in so far that you are not involved unintentionally. Nevertheless resigning also produces the necessity of reorientation and will bring changes to your career and your life. These will have already started with the handing in of your notice. Your decision to leave should always be a strategic one. When resigning it is important for you to follow the legal guidelines in order to prevent unnecessary troubles.


Dismissals and resignations can be announced orally or be presented in written form. It is advisable to use the written form or a personal discussion (> Provide duplicate copies of the dismissal letter at the time of the discussion. The reception of the letter should be confirmed in writing by the other party). The time and the length of the notice period are usually mentioned in your contract of employment. Should this not be the case you are to follow the regulations mentioned in the Swiss Code of Obligations Art. 334 seq. Time limits start with the accession of the dismissal or resignation by employer or by employee. The one who dismisses or resigns has to prove it. Therefore it is advised to send a registered letter. From the day of the announcement of your dismissal to the end of the cancellation period you are allowed to take some time off for your search for employment and for job interviews. Should you want to profit from this possibility it is important that you discuss this in an early stage with your superior.

Next steps

Be active early - and stay on the ball. Get into contact with your regional employment centre (RAV). To avoid shortfalls in unemployment benefits, you need already to be looking for new employment during the notice period and be able to document your search.


Do not waste any precious time in contacting a recruitment consultant of your trust. As a computer scientist you should turn to an agency that is specialised in search and placement of IT specialists.


Prepare yourself mentally for a new job. Try to achieve a fluid transition, taking as much experience along with you as possible. An intact social environment and the awareness of your own talents will give you the strength to be confident in seizing new chances.


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