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Frequently Asked Questions of Employers

In which way does IT Resource AG differ from other recruitment agencies?

By focussing on the IT employment market, we are in line with our clients and candidates. We live up to our promised Best Relationship Management practise and invest in long lasting close connections

In which IT professions are you specialised in? From which regions?

We search for and place IT staff from all domains nationwide.

What type of candidates and freelancers do you attend to?

You can find some anonymised candidate and freelancer profiles with short time availability on our website. However, the list on our website is only a small part of our portfolio. Please contact us if you are interested in having more information on other types of IT professionals, or about a certain profile in question.

How do you look for eligible candidates?

Longstanding knowledge of the market as well as sophisticated tools are our assets. We will define the best way to search for candidates after having analysed the specific situation with you.

Do you also work on a contingency basis?