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Application Folder – the first Impression

You will encounter many pitfalls during the application process. A professionally arranged application folder can help you to avoid most of them.

Cover Letter

Always add a cover letter. Mention why you are interested in the position described in the vacancy and why you think that you are the right person for that position. Stress skills which are mentioned in the vacancy description.


Write your Curriculum Vitae (“CV”) in table form. Make sure that it is complete. Should there be any gaps, add an explanation. A CV consists of different parts (see our Checklist Curriculum Vitae). Please take care to not only to mention the jobs and the employers that you have had so far, but also: what your position was within the firm, the type of tasks you had and what results you did achieve.


A clearly structured CV and well arranged documents make the reading of your document folder easier. Relevant information can then be extracted more easily. Arrange your information in a chronological order. Give the latest information first and do not forget to put the date on your CV. The reader will then be able to recognise whether your application dossier is up to date.


Include working references from all former employers listed in your CV. These will help the human resource manager to judge your qualifications. Prove of your acquired skills by adding diplomas, certificates and reports. Bear in mind that it is difficult to extract relevant information from an overfilled folder. In times of Digital Transformation sending of your complete application folder by regular mail should only be done on request.


Prepare your document folder with great care. Remember that you will be judged by your documents and the way they are presented. Spelling mistakes, hand-written notes and dog-eared or missing documents influence the general impression and can reduce your chances of being invited to an interview.


Here you find our Checklist Document Folder.