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Cover Letter - presenting yourself favourably

The cover letter is often taken to be negligible. It is though very important and allows you to present yourself. This presentation will help you to stand out from all other applicants.

Why write a covering letter?

In order to be invited to a job interview, your  application folder  must be convincing. A  CV  has a very limited form and does not always allow you to present all the information you would like to give. With a motivational letter you can draw attention to important points that are not elaborated in your CV. At the same time you can inform the recipient of your goals and your motives.


The cover letter should not be longer than a page A4. Reread your letter and beware of spelling mistakes. If your application contains spelling mistakes it will be eliminated from the group of potentional candidates. If you are planning to send your documents by regular mail, take care of putting your cover letter loose in your document folder. If you are applying by e-mail you can write your cover letter in form of an e-mail text or attach it in PDF format. The PDF covering letter should contain date, addressee and address of sender.


Choose your layout carefully. Clarity and readability are important. The choice of the character style should suit the content of your letter. Make sure your paragraphs are well balanced. Do not use too complicated language and keep your sentences short.

The parts of a cover letter

Refer to the position and reference number in the subject head. If a contact person is mentioned you should address to this person. This gives your letter a personal note. If you have already spoken to the contact person by phone you should refer to this conversation in your first paragraph.

Contents of the covering letter

Try to look at your current situation from the point of view of your future employer. What does your current professional situation look like? Try to highlight your qualifications and qualities. Find out in which way you could contribute to the firm. Explain why you think you are the ideal candidate for the position advertised.


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