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Jobseeking - how to apply for a Job successfully

When a vacancy is advertised many people will be interested in applying for the job. How can you make your application stand out from all others?

Aims – what do you want to achieve?

Before applying there are certain things that you should take into consideration. Take some time to think about your future career: What type of tasks are you interested in? What would you like to commit yourself to? What type of a career are you planning? Write your career goals down and check them regularly.

Analysis – what do you need on your path to success?

An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses will show you where you should get active in order to achieve your professional goals. Examine your competences and abilities – are they sufficient? Do you need further education? Compare your skills to those demanded by the job market. Are you ready to accept compromises? Your flexibility concerning the place of work, the branch of industry and the salary can be decisive.

The application

After having thought about all these things it should be easy for you to find appropriate vacancies. Apply only for jobs that match your profile. Otherwise your application will not sound convincing. Applying for a job is very similar to selling a product, raise the attention to your strong points and show in which way the firm will be able to benefit from you. Why should the firm choose you for the job?

Profit from our feedback - which part of the puzzle is still missing?

During the process of application with IT Resource AG you will receive feedback on your strong points and your weaknesses. You can profit from this feedback by rechecking your analysis. You will also receive helpful advice from us concerning what else you should pay attention to, when applying for a job and your further career path.

In order to sum up…

An analysis of your personal profile will help you to apply more successfully. Concentrate on your individual profile and try to formulate it positively.