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References – additional Information from another Point of View

Human resource managers like to receive feedback about the abilities and the behaviour of a candidate. It is for this reason quite common for them to get into touch with references in order to receive additional information. This information can either back you up or contradict what you think and tell about yourself.

Making a decision

Employers have a natural interest in getting as much information as possible about a candidate. The information given by the references often rounds off the overall impression of a candidate. It will help the human resource officer make up his/ her mind whether the applicant is suitable for the position in question.

Choosing references

You should only choose people as references who are able to judge your professional abilities. These can be former employers, team leaders or human resource managers. When using a person as a reference you should be aware that you are at the same time informing this person that you are searching for a new employment. This could be problematic if you are still working at a firm and haven’t officially resigned yet.

Informing references

It gives a bad impression, if the people you have noted as references are not involved of being a reference person for you. For this reason you should inform the people in question in advance and ask them for their consent.

The process of application

When applying, you can already add your references to your application documents. Should you prefer to know who is going to get in contact with your references, you can also keep your list of references for the interview. In this case you should mention this in your application folder.


Here you can find our Checklist References as a summary.