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Trial Period - the first 90 Days…

The first impression counts. This is also true for the new occupation. Newcomers are always inspected closely.

Listen and ask questions

You will always come across difficulties and unclear points at the beginning. Try to solve the tasks yourself after the first period of familiarisation. You should only seek the advice of your colleagues if you get stuck. Independence and endurance will be expected of you. If you are not sure about your performance ask for a feedback. The more specific your request for feedback is the more you will be able to profit from it. Define aims for self-improvement with your manager for the period of familiarisation. This way you will know exactly which points will be evaluated.


Surely you are highly motivated to start working in your new position and to contribute to the firm’s achievements. Be sure to take enough time get to know everything, before uttering any criticism. Often there are reasons why things are done in a certain way. This does not mean that you should not pay attention to possibilities of improvement. Note all possibilities of improvement for later. People who start criticising from the first day on are often taken to be smart-alecs. The expectations could differ should you occupy the position of a manager.


Greet all your colleagues in a friendly way and learn their names as soon as possible. By doing this you show interest in a positive collaboration. Professional discussions help you to understand the way things are done. Introduce yourself to the people and be initiative. Having lunch with your new colleagues gives you the opportunity to collect informal knowledge. Wait with addressing people informally (German „Du“) until they propose it to you. You should also do this in firms where it is custom to address each other informally. The same applies to topics of conversation concerning the private life.


Interest, attentiveness and readiness are of great importance when you are new at a firm. But it is not always worthwhile to continue working for hours when it is well past finishing time. You could give the impression of being overburdened. If you have not finished all your tasks during the hours of work, you can take them home. Rules of procedure or similar documents, which you received on your first day, are also to be read at home. The trial period is on the one hand a period of getting to know one better, on the other hand it is also a time of probation. If your performance is good, further tasks might be already advocated to you.

Last but not least…

You should enjoy your new job. If this is the case, show it. Should your expectations not be fulfilled you should take contact with your superior and/or your recruitment consultant.


Here you can find our Checklist Trial Period.